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10 Pre Wedding Beauty Tips…

Upcoming brides, this one is for you! Wedding Season is fast approaching so here are some top tips for pre wedding beauty preparation!

1 Month Prior

1. If you plan on having a facial before your wedding, it is advised to try it a month or more prior to your wedding day to ensure that if you have any reactions it is not too close to the day. 

2. For the same reason, the same goes for a spray tan. It is also to see if you’re happy with the result/colour. Be aware that if you’re not accustom to having a spray tan, different brands and shades will look different on every person, so just because your friend likes a certain brand doesn’t necessarily mean that you will like the same, nobody wants to look orange on their wedding day! 

Photographer: Maria Hibbs

2 Weeks Prior

3. We normally recommend to have your hair colour done around 2 weeks before the wedding. This way it gives your hair time to settle after colour and will look more natural. The only time we would recommend closer to the date is if you have very blonde hair with dark regrowth, in this case 1 week before would be recommended.

4. We believe it is best for all brides to have a hair and makeup trial before their wedding. A trial is recommended so that you can know exactly the look you are going to achieve on the day and be confident that you will be happy with the result. It will ensure that everything runs smoothly so you can enjoy getting ready with your bridal party. 

5. It is better (if possible) not to have your trial too early. For example, if it’s 1 year or 6 months or even 3 months before the wedding a lot can change in your plans. E.g. dress, venue, flowers, time of wedding etc. These changes can determine what hairstyle and makeup style you would like on the day.  

Photographer: Maria Hibbs

6. We recommend for all brides to have a hair trim before the wedding. Especially if they would like to wear their hair down. It usually only needs to be 1cm or so (for those brides who want to keep their length, make sure you book in with a hair dresser that you trust not to cut more than just a trim). This will make the hair look healthier and thicker on the ends and will help to hold any curls, waves or bounce that you would like on the day. 

7. We truly believe in good quality (natural if possible) hair care products. It is really important to start using a good quality shampoo and conditioner leading up to the wedding. The reason being that if you are using a supermarket or cheap brand shampoo and conditioner it will likely have synthetic silicone in it. It will build up on the hair because it’s not water soluble, this means it will not break down each time you wash and leave a “plastic-y” layer on the hair. This will not only affect your colour results, but will affect how your hair will hold any style done on the day. If possible, always buy sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free products. The more natural the better. 

Photographer: Maria Hibbs

The Big Day

8. It is important to talk to your hair and makeup artists about what they would like you to do the night before and morning of your wedding. Depending on your hair type and the style that you have chosen, your hairstylist will recommend whether they would like you to wash your hair the night before or morning of your wedding. As for makeup, your artist will advise you on washing your face that morning and whether or not to moisturise. Make sure you don’t have any makeup or tint on your skin already so it’s a blank canvas. 

Photographer: Charlie Dailey

9. When dressing on the morning of the wedding consider what style of top you’re wearing, as something with a tight neck may smudge makeup or squish the hair when taking it off. Usually a button up shirt or loose neck top will be fine. 

10. Last minute small changes may be suggested by your stylist depending on weather conditions. If it is windy, your hairstylist may suggest to pin certain bits back to keep your hair out of your face, if it’s raining, certain humidity resistant products may be used and if it’s really sunny your makeup artist may suggest to avoid really shimmery products to avoid shine in photos. 
In the end, the most important thing of all is enjoy your day!

Photographer: Maria Hibbs
Photographer: Charlie Dailey
Photographer: Maria Hibbs

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