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The Wonderful World of Wedding Cakes

Whilst an elegant white icing cake will never look out of place, the wonderful world of wedding cakes is getting more and more creative and elaborate by the season! Although we love the heat that a Mallorcan summer brings, this can be a dangerous time for wedding cakes!  So for those wanting to move away from the traditional, take a look at a few of the following design ideas and inspiration that is really trending for 2022 and 2023 weddings….

Pressed Flower Cakes

Beautiful organic blooms on wedding cakes has become increasingly popular over the last few years.  Versatile in flower design and colour they can be a perfect choice whether you are having a boho wedding or a fairytale wedding in Mallorca.

Small Cutting Cakes

Perfect to get ´that cake-cutting photo´ and ideal for those wanting a sweet midnight snack in-between hitting the dance floor, small cutting cakes are growing to be an increasingly popular choice!  Designs and colours can be bold and beautiful, the perfect choice for couples who don’t necessarily want to spend a huge amount of money on this element of the day.

Mini Cakes

Imagine how delicious it would be to offer your guests their own mini cake instead of just a slice! This option makes it a lot easier to cater for individuals with dietary requirements and gives you the choice to have a variety of flavours. If you have friends with tricky allergies, or lots of complex dietary choices, mini cakes could provide the perfect solution and keep everybody happy and well fed. These mini cakes will let your guests enjoy pretty works of art and also helps prevent wastage!

Citrus Cakes

Incorporating traditional & authentic flavours of the island into your beautiful wedding in Mallorca via your wedding cake is a really special touch!  Famous for our Soller oranges and lemons these are beautiful and refreshing flavour choices for any wedding cake design.

Modern Masterpieces

Modern art inspired designs are not only encompassing wedding styling in general but now being applied as far as to your wedding cake!  With unique proportions and minimalist design this is a very Vogue trend set for the weddings of 2022 and beyond.

Wedding Dessert Tables

When one cake is just not enough!  If you are a couple with a love all of things sweet why not splash out and let your imagination run wild with a beautiful array of delicious treats for your guests!  Whether you want to add a wedding cake, colourfully coordinated macaroons, a chocolate fountain, ice pops or personalised cookies this could be the perfect choice for your special day.

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